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An Ipswich Northern Bypass has three known petitions:-

It is clear that Ipswich is being held back from investment, development and planned growth of the town by the lack of traffic management. Ipswich needs action and the building of the Northern Bypass will help increase the town’s profile and relieve the traffic issues of Ipswich. Improving residences life in Ipswich and improve the town no end.

Businesses are losing money and staff are not being paid whilst struck in traffic. Carers are not being able to care for the sick and elderly. It is effecting and in fact slowly killing the town.

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Ipswich Star

The Ipswich Star is today launching a campaign backing calls for a northern bypass after frustrated motorists have said that traffic relief is needed more than ever – and it could be the key to unlocking the town’s potential.

The closure of the Orwell Bridge for nearly 12 hours on Tuesday because of strong winds caused Ipswich to remain gridlocked for the morning, with many motorists reporting cross-town journeys of several hours.

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Parliament Petition

To build a new Northern bypass around Ipswich

The Orwell Bridge has been closed in Ipswich all morning due to high winds, causing traffic chaos and gridlock in the town, it’s about time a Northern bypass around Ipswich was built to defer the traffic from the town when the bridge is closed.

It’s 2016 and it’s ridiculous that such a large town is so reliant on the bridge being open, as soon as there’s an accident or bad weather, it’s closed and the traffic has nowhere to go but through the town, which the infrastructure just cannot cope, costing businesses millions of pounds in lost revenue, especially haulage companies as they’re reliant on the a14 to and from the port of felixstowe, get this Northern bypass built.

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