Northern Bypass/Northern Route/Northern Relief Road/Road North of Ipswich

A freedom of information request…

Dear Suffolk County Council,

Please provide all documents and correspondence since 2010 regarding the idea(1) of a road(2) north(3) of Ipswich(4) which may or may not be related to the scrapped plan of the 1990s.

1:- This may be a concept, suggestion, plan, proposal, or recommendation by either a government official, member of the public or local press.

2:- The road may be a single carriageway, dual carriageway, motorway or combination, that might be officially known or unofficially referred to as a Northern Route, Northern Relief Route, Northern Bypass, North Road, Central Suffolk Road, or Road North of Ipswich.

3:- Simply anywhere above the town of Ipswich

4:- Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk where SCC’s HQ is located.

Examples may include:-
– correspondence with other councils, central government or politicians
– internal meetings, surveys or reports
– any objections or recommendations from residents or community groups
– any interaction with members of the public by staff of any rank including but not limited to email, twitter, Streetlife and facebook

The above list isn’t exhaustive.

If this would exceed timescales allowed under the Act, please provide the most recent.

If you do not hold the required information please inform us of this being the case.

Yours faithfully,

Northern Bypass Ltd

You can track progress of this FOI request on Northern Route.